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What is the fastest browser on the market?

What is the fastest browser on the market?

The performance of your browser conditions the experience on the internet, so selecting one should be a decision to conscience, since there are several alternatives in the market.

For the specialized medium The Verge , for example ,  "browsing Edge can be a delight, pages load fast, scrolling is a ride and rendering problems are much less common."

And it's true: Edge is gaining vertiginous popularity among experts. Various specialized media have praised its speed and its JavaScript Chakra engine, which is faster than any other browser in the 64-bit market. And not only that, but when Edge transmits video in high definition is also faster than its competitors. Point to Microsoft.

The company founded by Bill Gates took his browser to two different tests, Octane 2.0 and Jet Stream, and in both cases Edge scored higher than its competitors. Microsoft's blog notes that Edge is 1.6 times faster in the Jet Stream test and 2.25 times faster in the Octane 2.0 test. To see this information in more detail see the blog   where it is detailed how the battery life was measured, the speed and the safety when using Edge.

Microsoft already has a long way to go in performance improvements that it proposed in IE11, which gives it an advantage over its main competitors. And if added to the customization and security features, it is no surprise that Edge is on the road to becoming the most recommended browser by experts.

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