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Why Microsoft Edge is the Browser of the Future

Why Microsoft Edge is the Browser of the Future

Microsoft has positioned itself throughout its existence as an absolute referent in terms of innovation and technology, because in each of its creations seeks and achieves year by year to overcome the issues of each of its predecessor proposals.

The arrival of Microsoft Edge was conceived with the idea of ​​overcoming the old Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer, achieving a version not only improved but not totally reinvented in the variety of browsers currently available.

The Dynamic duo: Microsoft Edge and Cortana

The Dynamic duo: Microsoft Edge and Cortana

Cortana is the personal digital assistant that many already enjoy and use on a daily basis on their cellular devices under another name, but this one had not been incorporated in parallel to work directly with a browser. Only Microsoft Edge has its built-in personal assistant. In the pages where I can help you, it will appear in the address bar with suggestions. Click on your message and you can help with an endless number of activities: download the applications you need, find the data that interests you and can even track your orders in international parcels.

Microsoft Translator  and Microsoft Edge are oneself

Translator is the Microsoft translator that allows you to translate text or vox, and even translate conversations and download languages ​​offline. Intarlalo in the Microsoft Edge browser you can instantly translate web pages into more than 50 languages

Microsoft Translator  and Microsoft Edge are oneself

With Microsoft Edge your battery lasts much longer

Microsoft experimented with today's most popular browsers to find out which of them would have the most active time while running the same process.

Office on Microsoft Edge

As expected, Microsoft's browser is fully compatible with Office. Thanks to its extensions and through Office Online it is possible to view, edit and create Office files directly from Microsoft Edge. You can also open OneDrive files from any web page and run Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications.

Office on Microsoft Edge

Start surfing with Microsoft Edge and discover other amazing features ...

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