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Why we have to go back to the places that made us happy

Why we have to go back to the places that made us happy


It's talking about summer and untying Pandora's box of memories. Because the summer holidays evoke memories like the castles in the sand, fleeting and intense friendships, adventures for a new universe to discover and even the first love. Everything rhymes with catchy songs, sunsets as impressionist as impressive and with flavors that, from time to time, return to the palate. That is why returning is a necessary pleasure, whatever age you have, since the factory of moments that are these days and these nights is renewed and never stops.

The data corroborate that returning to the place where you have been happy is the preferred option for many travelers. According to the figures provided by various hotel companies, more than 40% of the customers repeat in search of the familiarity, services and innovations offered each season by the establishments. When the focus is set on destination, the percentage soars: up to 85% of European vacationers opt for the same country and, according to statistics from the State Department of Spain, up to 80% of tourists coming to this Country repeats over and over again. It is clear: happiness engages.

But why come back? First, there are the psychological reasons. Memories not only stimulate, but also self-evocate, help you to get to know yourself better, and therefore, to detect the stimuli that make you happy to be able to direct your life in that sense. Then there is the concept of familiarity, of returning to a territory that is known and with which establish unique and renewable links. Because knowing a site increases the feeling of comfort and eliminates that uncertainty that sometimes bothers you when traveling. And finally, because the connection with these destinations and spaces makes it necessary to return for more, to increase the inner micro cosmos that is traced with the experiences that live there.

Iberostar has understood very well what it means to return to a place where you were happy, and that is why they have launched a contest where they offer all their followers the option to return to the place where they have been extremely happy. To do this, just upload a photo or a short video (max. 30 seconds) that tells you where it is #Where You Want to Return. The reward of the winner is, as it could not be otherwise , to return to any of those Iberostar destinations that, in a way, changed his life, molded his past and thrilled his future.

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