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Would you accept 100 euros for not using the mobile one day a week?

Would you accept 100 euros for not using the mobile one day a week?

Professor Diana Smith of the Latin Public Charter School School in Washington has made a bet with her students, who are about 13 years old. If you lose it, you will have to pay $ 16,000 out of your own pocket. But she is convinced that at most a third of her 160 students will be able to win the bet.

How complicated is it? A priori, no. Diana Smith is committed to paying $ 100 to each student who is able to spend one day a week without using a cell phone during summer vacation. 11 days without mobile in three months, in exchange for 100 dollars. Two adults over the age of 21 will have to certify in writing that they have not turned on their mobile phone every Tuesday of their summer vacation.

It looks like a bargain, but the teacher is sure that most will be unable to get it, even if they try. In your classes you have noticed that some students begin to suffer anxiety when they are an hour away from their mobile ...

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Many teachers are concerned that during the summer their students do not read books, study, or solve math problems. Diana Smith is concerned about the hours of sleep that children lose because they start typing messages late at night and the social drama generated by bullying, online gossip and the excessive use of social media .

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When he proposed his particicular bet in the assembly of parents and students last Thursday before finishing classes, he was greeted with cheers and applause. Many students are committed to try to win the bet, and not to use the mobile one day a week. But Diana Smith says that only 50 of her 160 students will succeed. He does not care to pay $ 5,000 out of his own pocket if it makes children and parents aware of the need not to be absorbed by the smartphone. How many of us could win this simple bet?

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